All are welcome!

A Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Saint Mark Lutheran Church

All events are on Wednesday evenings from 6:00–7:45pm.

September Guide Training (Huddle) 1st Commandment – Gods and Idols
September 2nd Commandment – Name in Vain
September Huddle (No confirmation. Guides meet.)
October 3rd Commandment – The Sabbath
October 4th Commandment – Honoring Parents
October Huddle
October Servant Project – SIHN
October 5th Commandment – Killing
November 6th Commandment – Adultery
November Fellowship
November 7th Commandment – Stealing
November 26 Thanksgiving Eve Service
TBA Huddle
December 8th Commandment – False Witness
December Servant Project
December Huddle
January 9th & 10th Commandments – Coveting
January Fellowship
January Theme #10
January Huddle
February Theme #11
February Servant Project
February Ash Wednesday Worship (Huddle TBA)
February Theme #12
March Theme #13
March Fellowship
March Theme #14
March Spring Break (Huddle TBA)
April Maundy Thursday Worship
April Good Friday Worship
April Easter Vigil Worship
April Servant Project
April Theme # 15
April Theme #16
TBA Confirmation Celebration