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A Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Saint Mark Lutheran Church


CDC Advisory

This Child Development Center (CDC) Committee serves as a liaison between the Child Development Center and the Church Council.  The committee consists of the CDC Director, a member of the church staff, a Church Council representative, and other members of the congregation interested in early childhood care and education.  The committee meets quarterly, or as necessary.  In the past year they have reviewed and presented a budget to the Council, evaluated staff salaries & benefits as well as tuition.

Education Committee

Sonja Westby, Chairperson

The purpose of the Education Committee is to coordinate and encourage activities and communications which promote the spiritual life and growth of the St. Mark community, enabling its members, either individually or through organized programs, to carry the Gospel of Christ to others.   Jennifer Morace is the currect Suday Church School superintendent. All children, both members and non-members, are welcome to join us.

Endowment Committee

Trudy Eiseneis, Chairperson

The St. Mark Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is a Trust that manages gifts and bequests to the church in accordance with the Trust provisions. The income from investments is used exclusively for the support of religious, education and charitable purposes. The Trust does not provide for the funding of the regular operational expenses of St. Mark Lutheran Church but to further the mission of the church.

Throughout the ages, faithful disciples have given testament to their belief in the Grace of our Risen Lord through gifts of art, music, writing, architecture, and more. Just as we have received from those who lived before us, we have the power to affect those yet to come. St. Mark has a strong history of dedicated men and women of faith who have given generously of themselves to Christ’s ministry in this place.

Finance Committee

Chris Woods, Chairperson

Having recently been restructured, the Committee’s purpose is to assist Saint Mark’s Business Administrator and Church Council in forming and administering financial policy in keeping with Saint Mark’s mission and ministry.  Areas of concern include records of contributions and income, systems of receipts and expenditures, maintenance of general ledgers and funds. the budget process, and regular systems review and audit.

Library Committee (Education)

Alice Kirk , Chairperson

The Library Committee now a part of the Education Committee.  During the coming year the Library would like to add titles to supplement the Sunday Church School materials, provide additional titles for the CDC library program and for other young children of the congregation, materials for adults, especially those mentioned in sermons and adult programming.  In addition new display materials and periodical storage would add to the accessibility of library materials for users.  Catching up on the processing of donated materials so that they are ready to circulate is also a goal.    The Library Committee is charged with maintaining and promoting the library collection and space.  Help with checking in and shelving materials, writing reviews for The Marker, repairing books and preparing new books for use is always appreciated.  Help with the Book Fair in terms of setting up the display, handling sales, and repacking are also helpful

Lutheran Fine Art

The Lutheran Fine Art Center is dedicated to the enhancement of the worship service and worship space through the arts.  In this capacity we maintain two libraries:  a collection of two and three-dimensional art and a collection of music folios.  Materials in our libraries are available without charge to all Christian denominations within a 50 to 100 mile radius.  In addition to the libraries, we offer sponsor performances and workshops in art, music, and drama.  When appropriate we offer scholarships for the study in the arts.  We are funded by three anonymous donors.    Our recent activities have included the reception for David Higgs after the organ dedication concert in November.  In December, we purchased several new pieces of art for the library and in January presented a forum on the subject of viewing art.  In February, thanks to an anonymous donor, we again purchased a new piece of art – another print of Sadao Watanabe to add to our growing and valuable collection.  In March, we equipped our office with a computer, digital camera, color printer, and monitor.  Our next step is to develop a web page and get the Center on the Internet.  Also in March, we purchased 8 new banner stands designed and hand-crafted by Hap Saabye.  March, April and May, the committee reviewed and revised the guidelines for the operation of the Center.  In August, we again sponsored a reception following the Bruce Bengtson organ concert.  The year 2001, we are working in concert with the Salem Art Association to bring a juried art show of works appropriate to the liturgical setting.  With God’s grace and your continued support we have much work left to do.


Gretchen Flesher Moon, Chairperson

Property Committee

Leon Wolfe, Chairperson

The Property Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds of Saint Mark Lutheran Church.  This includes repairs, replacement, improvement of the facilities and new projects as they arise.  We are fortunate to have several knowledgeable and talented committee members who do much of the maintenance work on a volunteer basis, thus saving many dollars each year.  For some projects we ask for volunteers from the congregation.  Larger items are put out for bid and must be approved by the Church Council and/or the Congregation.    Every year there are seasonal events: The Spring cleanup before Easter includes washing windows, dusting, polishing pews, and knocking down cobwebs. This is a time for a general cleanup of the grounds. Several leaf raking parties are held in the Fall.

Social Ministry Committee

The Social Ministry Committee addresses immediate needs in our community by providing food, clothing, shelter, and more through the Kairos Community Lunch, Habitat for Humanity, HOME (homeless teens in Salem), Marion-Polk Food Share, Trees of Giving (Christmas gifts for needy children), and Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network..  We support the Yatima Orphanage in Tanzania through the sale of fairly traded coffee, tea, and chocolate.  The Committee supports Lutheran World Relief through various programs.  We are also called to address the root causes of issues by questioning why problems exist and acting to care for creation and to further peace with justice.  We are involved in the congregational discernment process to determine whether St. Mark will become a Reconciling in Christ congregation.  We welcome and encourage all to explore an aspect of social ministry as a way to live our faith. Please join us.


Bill Innis, Chairperson

The Stewardship Committee promotes the expression of Christian faith in daily living; to teach the Christian use of money; to diffuse knowledge of the congregation’s local, national and world-wide ministries, and to lead all its members to higher levels of proportionate giving for the Lord’s work.  It is also responsible for other congregational efforts which lead to informed and grateful giving.

Visiting Theologian

The Visiting Theologian Program is our gift to the community.  For the past forty years the Visiting Theologian Committee has selected and invited a prominent theologian to preach and teach in their area of expertise.  The Committee plans an itinerary that brings our guest in touch with the community (including Willamette University), our members and the local clergy.  Lodging and transportation is provided for our guest during their stay.   In the first 25 years of this program, the funding was provided by an individual(s) in our congregation.  Since then, the committee has expanded its membership and looked for ways to increase the congregation’s awareness of the visiting theologian program and its need for funds.  The committee has its major fund raiser each August: Wine, Wisdom & Song, at the Witness Tree Vineyard in West Salem.

Worship And Music Committee

According to the Saint Mark Bylaws, the “Committee on Worship and Music … shall assist the church council in seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for.  This committee shall supervise, and strive to advance the welfare and effective service of, the choirs of the congregation.  It shall arrange for the care of paraments, vestments and musical instruments and, in consultation with the pastor, the organist and the choir directors, shall furnish music supplies appropriate for use in the worship of a congregation of the ELCA.”    In carrying out these responsibilities, the Committee on Worship and Music involves itself in overall policy regarding worship-related services and events conducted at Saint Mark and music of the organists and choirs.  It oversees the provision and training of assisting ministers, worship assistants, lectors, ushers, acolytes, greeters, and others who contribute to the worship life of congregation.  Recently, the committee has joined the pastors in choosing hymns for Sunday worship services in an effort to strengthen and broaden the hymn repertoire of our members.  As the opportunity arises, the Committee assists and promotes the involvement of Saint Mark choirs and musicians in worship or music-related events with other congregations.  Of particular note over the last two years was the participation of members or our choir in the joint presentation of Mendelssohn’s oratorio, “Elijah,” and the hosting of a joint concert with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church celebrating the music of J.S. Bach on the 250th anniversary of the great Lutheran composer’s death.

Youth Committee

Brent Morace, Coordinator

The Youth Committee, now a part of the Education Committee, provides direction and support to the staff as they minister to the youth of our congregation and their friends.  The committee strives to provide opportunities for youth to grow in their faith, to learn to serve others, and to have fun. A full program of monthly activities is planned. High School youth, both members and non-members, are encouraged to participate.