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A Reconciling in Christ Congregation

Saint Mark Lutheran Church

Hands of Comfort

Hands of Comfort is a group of ladies that meet weekly on Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m., to work on Lutheran World Relief Projects.  We invite you to come and help us.

Lutheran World Relief activities have been going on at Saint Mark for many years. A small group work to put together quilts, baby care kits, personal care kits and school kits that are sent to a national Lutheran World Relief center twice a year and then sent all over the world where there is a need. The congregation is always very generous in supporting these efforts by donating school supplies in the Fall and personal care items like towels and soap throughout the year.

During Advent and Lent, these personal care items are collected each week and later put together for the Spring shipment.  Some of the quilts are also donated locally to non-profits in need like Helping Hands, SIHN and the Center for Hope and Safety. Congregation members and others often donate fabric and other items as needed.

In addition, throughout the year several members sew pillow case dresses in various sizes. These dresses are later shipped and given to groups that distribute them in Haiti and places in Africa.

This working group is small in numbers but have a deep commitment to helping provide comfort to those in need throughout the world.

For more information, call Trudy Eisenbeis, Charlotte Klampe or the church office (503) 588-0141.